We at F1: Sound Company deliver exceptional events and installations that we hope make a positive contribution to society and our shared future. We aim to manage our operations with environmental practices and social responsibility at their core. We endeavour as a organisation and as part of the wider events industry to make positive changes that contribute to happiness and a positive future for all life on the planet.


F1 Sound Company is committed to assessing the environmental impact of our activities and to reduce wherever practicable the impact through the establishment of appropriate objectives and targets.

Key Areas

  • Looking for and implementing innovation that improves sustainability – The F1: team continually monitors advances in technology and the development of innovative solutions that will benefit people and the planet.

  • Reducing our footprint by improving efficiency - we aim to continuously improve our environmental performance, from a sustainable point of view to reduce our footprint wherever possible in both our offices and on project sites.

  • Promoting and increasing our use of Renewable Energy – where possible, move towards using, innovative and renewable energy sources to power our office and events.

  • Minimising the environmental impact our offices and employees - we actively promote the efficient use of natural resources by minimising our consumption of energy and water plus reducing waste and transport emissions where possible.

  • Striving to exceed our legal requirements - we comply with all laws, regulations and directives in our environmental processes, but also do our best to lead by example, using a ethos of best practice.

  • Monitoring of supply chain and contractors – we regularly review and audit our supply chain for their sustainable processes and environmental policies.


The effectiveness of this policy and associated arrangements will be reviewed annually under the direct supervision of the company directors.